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Storm Copper saves OEMs time and money by incorporating all fabrication processes under one roof.
OEM Copper Parts
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OEM Copper Parts
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Storm Copper offers full custom copper fabrication
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copper and other components, including standoff
insulators, ground rods and more.

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Custom Copper Fabrication Capabilities

CNC machinery, flex tooling and value engineering shorten production times.


To provide OEMs with the advantage of shorter production times Storm's flexible tooling translates into a more efficient ability to manufacture custom copper electrical components in a shorter lead time whether it's a large or small production run.

To further shorten production times, Storm's new CNC (computer numerical controlled) punching and precision cutting machines can be programmed to robotic-ally produce copper electrical connectors, all from the same long sheet of conveyor-fed copper bar. With a constant eye on quality improvement, Storm’s systematic approach to value engineering has streamlined its copper fabricating capabilities that fall into the following major process paths:

Custom fabrication of copper sheet, copper bar and plate.


Punching - This type of copper fabricating is done using CNC punches. These punches have multiple tool holders and have the tonnage to punch up to .500" thick copper bar and plate.

Stamping - This method of copper fabricating is performed with high tonnage presses. Even so, the maximum thickness copper typically stamped is .250". The tolerance on this method of copper fabricating varies depending on the tooling employed.

Turret Punching - This piece of equipment performs punching and cutting the outside perimeter of the copper part. This is the primary method of producing parts with odd shapes, tabs or fingers. Generally, the thickness of the copper is .250" and less.

Machining - This method of fabricating copper, also known as milling, has the greatest versatility and can produce an almost endless array of copper fabrications. Moreover, tolerances as close as .001" can be achieved with this equipment. Unfortunately, it is also a relatively higher cost method of production because of the significant set-up and tooling costs.

Forming - This is a secondary step in the copper fabricating process and is performed after the part has been cut to length and punched or milled. During this process the part is bent or formed to the specifications of the print.

Water Jet - This is a precise yet powerful machine, capable of cutting metals up to 6" thick. With a small diameter cutting stream (approximately 0.040") Storm is able to produce tight corners with very high tolerances. This "Cold Cutting" process produces no heat-affected areas or burnt edges, eliminating secondary finishing.

Plating - In-house electroplating is normally the final step in the copper fabricating process. Storm can electroplate tin, lead, numerous tin/lead alloys, silver and nickel. It is worth noting that all custom copper parts are de-burred prior the electroplating operation.

Storm Copper Fabrication Equipment

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